Mohatta Palace Karachi – Pakistan


Mohatta Palace located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan is one of the finest structure that Karachi boosts of. Though it went on to become the official residence of Fatima Jinnah and later went on to her sister, the palace is now a hub to art and cultural activities in Karachi.

Built in the year 1927

Mohatta Palace was built in the year 1927 by a Hindu business who later migrated to India after the independence of Indo-Pak.

Post Independence

Post independence Mohatta Palace was acquired by Government of Pakistan to serve as building for the Ministry of Foreign Affiars.

However, in the year 1964 Quaid-e-Azam sister Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah moved into the building and made it her abode. Following Fatima Jinnah’s death her sister Shireen Jinnah moved into the ground floor of the palace. However, following her death in the year 1980 the palace was sealed.


The palace is known for its grandeur, timeless architecture and intricate details. The palace which occupies an area of 18,500 sq ft has three levels the ground floor which leads to the first floor and then to the roof of the palace. The palace features nine domes


In the year 1995 the palace was purchased by the Government of Sind. After the Sind Government took over it, the palace was then converted into a museum to depict and promote the art and culture of Pakistan.

Present Standing: Hub of Cultural Activities

The palace today stands in league with international museums and has gone on to cement its standing as the hub of cultural and art activities in Karachi.


Exhibitions are another regular feature of Mohatta Palace. Therefore, people around the country and even foreigners flock to the art exhibitions that are almost a regular feature of the palace.



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