Meezan Bank Declared the Most Popular Bank in the Pakistan’s Islamic Auto Financing Sector


The Islamic auto financing sector is fast gaining popularity in Pakistan and as indicated by the result of the People’s Choice Car Awards it is none other than Meezan Bank that has bagged the honor of being the most popular Bank in the Islamic auto financing sector.

It is pertinent to mention here that Meezan Bank also has the honor of being the pioneer of Islamic banking in Pakistan and also boosts the largest infrastructure of Islamic banking in Pakistan.

The Survey was carried Out By Pak

The survey was carried out by none other than which has been carrying out surveys on the automobile sector of Pakistan for the last many years. According to the results of its latest survey 27% of the respondents responded in favor of the Islamic auto financing and as many as 47% of these 27% respondents named Meezan Bank as being their choice of Bank for the Islamic auto financing.

An Insight into the Survey and Respondents

The survey by Pak is conducted by the inclusion of the user’s perception which in turn is based on their experiences along with highlighting the products and brands that are associated with the industry.

Elaborating on the survey findings, explained that survey results are based on a sample size of over 11,730 respondents. Care was taken that the respondents of the survey were of the age 22-49 so as to obtain an accurate picture.

The survey therefore, offers an accurate insight into the preferences and choices of people regarding Pakistan’s automotive industry, changing customer trends and preferences along with demand and determinants besides the major players in this sector.


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