Meet Pakistan’s New Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa


So the much dreaded change has finally happened Raheel Shareef despite the repeated pleas of the nation has retired and handed over the army command to General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

It was sad to see that General Shareef’s last days as army chief witnessed a smear campaign being run against him from a few sections of the government and media. It is no secret that the government was never happy with the popularity General Raheel Shareef enjoyed among his people despite of the fact that he kept a very low profile and almost never spoke to the media.

However, just a few days before his retirement date was due the name of the new army chief was finally announced and the man happens to be none other than General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

So who exactly is our new army chief? Of course it is not easy to take over the post from the immensely popular General Raheel Shareef who ruled hearts and commanded love and respect.

It is interesting to note that the new Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa was previously posted as Inspector General for training and evaluation at the General Headquarters the same post which was held by General Raheel Shareef before has was promoted to the post of army chief Pakistan.

In a grand ceremony which witnessed a large number of people along with the whole nation on television Genealn (Ret) Raheel Shareef handed over the army commend to General QamarJaved Bajwa.

It was a historic moment for Pakistan as the nation witnessed its beloved army chief retiring and fading away from the public eye.

What Does the Change of Regime Mean for the Nation?

General Raheel Shareef was known for his stances which in the most cases managed to ruffle feathers of the corrupt and the powerful.

Perhaps one of his greatest services for this nation was to uncover the link between terrorism, corruption and terror financing. Though not many of us may admit it openly the fact is that the Government officials along with other politicians deemed his policy a threat for themselves. This is the reason the General was feared and to an extent detested by the politicians of the country.

Nation feared that General Raheel Shareef exit would mean an end to this policy and would further strengthen the link between corruption and terrorism. However, all this was laid to rest when the outgoing beloved army chief in his last speech emphasized that corruption is the root cause of terrorism in Pakistan. In his speech he also warned India that its aggression would only prove fatal for it. Earlier mocking the Indian army claim of surgical strikes he had said that if and when Pakistan army would conduct surgical strike it will become a part of the Indian text books.

His last speech made it clear that the army’s direction whether with him or after him would remain the same. Furthermore, to do away with all the negativity that a particular section of the media is spreading to tarnish the army image in the public the new army chief briefly yet informally spoke to the media saying that media should refrain from spreading feelings of hopelessness in the nation and should help boost army moral.

Former Indian Army Chief views on Pakistan’s New Army Chief

Former Indian chief General Bikram Singh praised the new army chief of Pakistan and called him a true professional. Recalling the days he spent with him while on a UN peace-keeping operation he praised him for his utmost professional conduct. However, he was quick to state that his conduct as the army chief of the country may be different as he is entrusted with the task of protecting his country’s interests and therefore, India should be careful of him.

Another Indian army official was of the view that General Bajwa is very well-versed on the core issues between the countries most importantly the nature of operations, complexities and terrain along the LoC. Furthermore, when it comes to the most burning issue between the countries which of late has become all the more important i.e. the Kashmir issue General Bajwa seems to possess extensive experience of handling it too.

What the seniors and Colleagues have to Say about General Bajwa

Though we do not know much about General Bajwa at this stage we will take a look at what his colleagues and seniors have to say about him.

His colleagues define him as a very down to earth person who is a thorough professional.

Why His Appointment may be Relevant

Since we cannot go on to ignore the fact that Nawaz Shareef has a history of confrontation with both army and judiciary. General Bajwa appointment by Nawaz Shareef was viewed with skepticism as speculations were rife that his appointment was owing to his pro-democratic stance during the Imran khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri sit ins.

Then there was another point of view that his name was suggested by none other than the army itself. However, irrespective of what the truth may have been army’s image was tarnished by it and it seemed a smear campaign was being run against the army. Taking notice of the situation D.G I.S.P.R Asim Bajwa issued a statement asking all to abstain from spreading false news and lies against the army.

Final Thought

However, irrelevant of anything here is hoping that Pakistan will benefit from the new chief’s expertise and experience on matters like LoC and Kashmir.

Towards the end here is wishing the new army chief the success his predecessor General Raheel Shareef enjoyed and may his conduct as the army chief cultivate love in the heart of his nation which was the hallmark of Raheel Shareef.


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