Many Reasons to Increase your Water Intake


The average adult human body is around 50-65% water. We hope that this fact is more than enough to help you understand the importance of water for your body and proper body functioning. However, if you still want us to elaborate on the topic then let us tell you the top reasons to increase your water intake.

1)   Boosts your Mental Performance

Do you know that adequate hydration can help boost your mental performance? Similarly, dehydration can have an adverse impact on your concentration. Research suggests that adequate water intake can help you stay alert and boost your mental performance.

2)   Fights the Feeling of Fatigue

Do you know that dehydration can lead to the feeling of fatigue? Therefore, the next time you feel fatigued at workplace or after workout consider drinking a glass or two of water to fight it.

3)   Promotes Joint and Cartilage Health and Their Functioning

Water helps promote joint and cartilage health. Water helps cartilage to stay moist, supple and hydrated and thus play an important role in boosting joint health. Research suggests that cartilage is 85% water and our water intake can help boost its health.

4)   Promotes Kidney Function and Health

Water is utmost necessary for optimal kidney functioning. Since kidneys are entrusted with the task of flushing out body toxins ensuring kidney health is important or the toxins may stay accumulated in your body.

5)   Promotes Weight Loss

Water intake is associated with weight loss as it helps reduce our food intake and help us feel fuller. Besides water intake also has a positive impact on our body metabolism rate.

6)   Aids Digestion Process

Water also helps aid digestion process and helps body to absorb nutrition and flush out toxins.

7)   Relieves Headache

Water intake helps prevent headaches that are associated with dehydration. Similarly, people who are experiencing headache are known to experience relief after they consume water.



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