Managing Diabetes Naturally


We earlier took a look into the risk factors of type-2 diabetes. Picking up from where we left we will take a look into managing diabetes naturally.

1)   Taking the Right Diet

Taking the right diet is the first step towards effective diabetes management. Taking just the right food can help you manage your blood sugar and thus prevent any complications arising from uncontrolled blood sugar.

Beans, oats, fresh vegetables, whole grains, omega-3 enriched fish, lean meat and low fat dairy are the ideal food to manage diabetes. However, in addition to eating the right food avoiding unhealthy food is equally important. Cut your refined carbohydrate intake along with sugar loaded food. Similarly, fried foods are also very harmful for people who are faced with elevated blood sugar level.

2)   Lose Weight

Losing weight can also help you improve your blood sugar management. Therefore, people who are facing diabetes would be better off losing weight as research suggests that losing as much as 10-15 pounds can help you manage your blood sugar level.

3)   Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is an integral part of effective diabetes management. Therefore, make exercise a daily part of your life. Consider brisk walking for at least 15-30 minutes every day. Research suggests as you engage in physical activity the resulting muscle contraction pushes glucose from your blood into your cells thus improving your blood glucose level.

4)   Manage your Stress Level

Failing to control your stress level can make it difficult for you to control your blood sugar level. Therefore, make sure that you are taking adequate stress-management steps to keep your stress level under control.

5)   Take Adequate Sleep

Failing to take adequate sleep will also worsen your stress level. Therefore, make sure that you are taking adequate sleep on a regular basis. Besides, adequate sleep will also help you manage your stress levels.


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