Makli Graveyard Thatta: UNESCO World Heritage Site


Makli graveyard located in Thatta, Sind, Pakistan is a UNESCO world heritage site and is considered among the largest necropolises in the world. It is pertinent to mention here that Thatta once held the distinction of being the centre and capital of Islamic Culture. Legend has it that the graveyard derived its name makli from a woman saint Mail Makli who is buried there.

The graveyard covers an area of around 8 kilometers and the cemetery is known to possess about half a million of graves and tombs. Scholars, saints, kings, queens, philosophers and governors all are buried here in stone or brick monuments. It is interesting to note here that some of the graves here are lavishly decorated with glazed tiles too.

What has lent this graveyard the distinction it enjoys as a UNESCO world heritage site is the rich and culturally diversified designs of the graves along with the sheer number of the graves here. It will not be an exaggeration to say that each grave is a masterpiece in its own aspect and go on to reflect many cultures including Indian, Iranian and Turkish cultures.

The royal mausoleums in the mukli graveyard are basically divided into two significant groups. These two significant groups include Samma and Tarkhan and while the Samma period is spread over the period of 1352-1520, the Tarkhan period spreads over 1556-1592. Certain graves also have verses of Holy Quran engraved on them.

Shrines also have a prominent presence in Makli graveyard and the genuine material that was used to build the graves and shrines played a vital role in lending this graveyard durability and weather resistance. No doubt, this graveyard has withstood all weather conditions including the severe weather conditions.

With its grandeur and majesty the Makli graveyard is a must visit UNESCO world heritage site in Pakistan.


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