Making Pakistan Safe Once and for All: The Zarb-e-Azb Pakistan


So what exactly led to Pakistan transform into the unsafe country it had once become? Well though many of us may not like to admit it the truth remains that once Pakistan opted to participate in the war of terror under immense U.S.A pressure things changed for Pakistan.

The country which played the role of the front nation against the war on terror went onto become the biggest victim of terror itself. The saddest part of the situation was the loss of valuable lives that were being claimed left and right. Whether it were the suicide attacks that had become a common phenomenon in Pakistan or the U.S.A led drone attacks that led to huge loss of the innocent civilian lives leading to anger and resentment in Pakistan, the nation was bleeding.

Fast forward and steps in Raheel Shareef, who has been declared as the “world’s best army chief,” as the army chief of Pakistan. Hailing from the family of martyrs with two Nishan-e-Haider in his family, his eldest brother being Major Shabeer Shareef  shaheed  nishan-e-haider who holds the honor of being the most decorated soldier in the history of Pakistan army along with his maternal uncle being none other than Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed nishan-e-haider, Raheel Shareef commanded respect from day 1 of his tenure as the army chief of Pakistan both from the army and masses.

Following the failure of peace negotiations with the militants, Pakistan Army launched Zarb-e-Azb which aimed to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan. However, how can Pakistan ever forget the date of 16 December 2014 the very day APS Peshawar was attacked as a backlash of the operation from the militants?

Following the APS attack, the Zarb-e-Azb only strengthened and started to wipe out terrorists, their financiers and facilitators. However, as more probe was conducted into the terrorists networks many secular political parties along with the usual suspects the militant groups were also found involved in terror financing and thus terror in Pakistan.

Many of the Pakistan Army soldiers have laid down their lives in the on-going operation against militancy, terror, terror financing and terror facilitators in Pakistan. The operation that has been named after the sword of Prophet Muhammad continues in full swing with the full support of Nation Pakistan and their unshaken love for their military and their chief Raheel Shareef.


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