Making Attempts & Never Giving Up


Failure is a human blight. We all fail. When we know we have failed, we can choose to make more attempts and keep going or we can choose to give up. Utter failure comes when we give up. Utter failure comes when we let failure stop us.

HE gives us innumerable opportunities to do HIS will. Sometimes we make mistakes in trying to do HIS will. To stop trying to do HIS will is to fail HIM. We are all tempted and sometimes we fall down. Sometimes we cave in to temptation. We do the wrong thing even when we know it is wrong. When we fail at being HIS servant, what do we do?

The wrong thing to do is to stop trying. When we fail in a moral sense we are to confess our failures, confess our sins, and keep on keeping on. HE loves those who struggle to do HIS will in life. As HE sees it, the person who fights through great adversity to serve HIM is a person of high honor and high merit. HIS will is to say to you, as you enter heaven, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” If you quit, if you stop trying, even in the face of failure, there is no way you will have accomplished HIS will for you.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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