What Makes Flaxseeds a Super Food?


Flaxseeds are hailed as a super food! So what exactly is this on-going buzz about the flax seeds all about and what makes flaxseeds a healthy choice for all? Let’s take a look

1)   High in Dietary Fiber

Flaxseeds have a high content of dietary fiber and are therefore, considered a weight loss friendly food that helps promote intestinal health and colon detoxification.

2)   Help Lower Cholesterol

Research suggests that flaxseeds also help lower cholesterol level in the body. Elaborating on the phenomenon research suggests that the soluble fiber content of the flaxseeds trap both cholesterol and fat in the body thus reducing their absorption in the body.

Flaxseeds also help lower cholesterol as the soluble fiber in the flaxseeds traps bile which in turn is made in the gall bladder from cholesterol. As ball is excreted through the digestive system of the body the body is forced into producing more bile which further lowers the overall cholesterol of the body.

3)   Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Flaxseeds are a natural source of antioxidants and thus help protect your body from the damage associated with free radicals and slow down the aging process. The anti-oxidants found in flaxseeds help provide anti-aging benefits to the body along with promoting cellular health and hormonal balance in the body.

Since the antioxidants found in flaxseeds help promote the growth of probiotics in the gut they also help in the elimination of candida and yeast from the body.

4)   Helps Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Flaxseeds also help reduce the risk of various cancers including colon, ovarian, endometrial and prostate along with breast cancer.

5)   Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Flaxseeds are a rich source of fatty acids and are therefore, a good source of healthy fat for the body.

These are just a few of the health benefits of flaxseeds. Therefore, consider including flaxseeds in your daily diet and take the first step towards a healthier you.


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