Mah-e-Mir Bags the Honor of Being the Pakistan’s Official Submission to the Oscars 2017


If you like movies that offer you far more than entertainment then Mah-e-Mir is one Pakistani film you shouldn’t miss. A movie that has all the elements of being a classical movie, Mah-e-Mir has rightfully bagged the honor of being the Pakistan’s official submission to the Oscars 2017.

The movie is based on the life of a contemporary poet played by none other than Fahad Mustafa of “Na Malum Afraad” and “Actor-in-Law” fame and draws parallel the events in his life with the events in life of the renowned Urdu poet Mir Taqi Mir.

The film unlike a commercial movie, which is solely made for the purpose of entertainment, is meant for masses who have a taste for literature and poetry. No doubt while the film may have failed to flourish at the Pakistani box office, it received critical acclaim, tremendous reviews and heaps of praises from all the literary figures in Pakistan who went on to call the movie a master piece.

Fahad Mustafa has delivered one of his finest performances in the movie along with all other artists in the movie. The movie is perfect to be watched along with your family and is sure to educate you on the life of the renowned poet Mir Taqi Mir while it enthralls and captivates you with its storyline, production, direction and performances.

The director of the movie expressed his happiness on the occasion of the movie nomination and called it a huge step towards inspiring other film makers to make more movies like Mah-e-Mir. Calling it as an honor for the whole team who contributed to the movie he said he was greatly honored by the response his movie had received from the general public, critics, literary figures and now the jury as well.

Here is hoping that Pakistan continues to make state of the art movies like Mah-e-Mir.


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