Living Right helps others


Doing the right thing or living right helps others. We do not always appreciate how important our life is. We do not always realize how much of a connection we have to the people around us. It is because we have such a powerful connection to others that we should live right, do right, and be right.

A person who leads a criminal lifestyle hurts others. The person who goes to prison hurts family members who live with the disappointment and emotional pain caused by their being incarcerated. Persons who do wrong things, more often than not, do things that directly and openly hurt those around them. In this respect, the way you live your life can help others, uplift them, keep them on the right path, and keep them from making mistakes that hurt them.

No matter who you are, where you are, or the conditions under which you live, doing the right thing helps those around you. Being loving, kind, caring, and compassionate gives an incredible gift to those people who know you, the gift is then passed on to the people they know, and in turn, the gift is passed on to all the people they know.

One must wonder why we don’t live right more often, when we all know living right benefits others. In many cases, our living right helps them preserve their life. One must wonder why we don’t fight harder to always do the right thing before HIM and before everyone we know. However, you do not have to wonder. All you have to do is live right.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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