The Legend that was Junaid Jamshed: Saying Farewell to the Pride of Pakistan


It’s just not possible! Are you sure he was on the plane? These are the words that the whole Pakistani nation, glued to their TV sets, was uttering on the 7th of December, 2016.

Many prayed for a miracle believing that Junaid Jamshed would just show out of nowhere or they would get to hear that he had not boarded the plane.  The whole nation was in a state of denial and disbelief. However, things took a different turn when he was confirmed to have boarded the plane by his family members and the airport authorities.

However, soon his wallet appeared in the plane wreckage and much to the horror of the whole nation Juniad Jamshed was indeed in that plane. After a few hours it was clear that no one in the plane had survived and there were all dead bodies not even a single survival.

Being the national hero he was and the stature he enjoyed the nation was beyond devastated. It was like as if the nation had been robbed off someone very dear to it, someone the whole nation had witnessed growing up and then evolving as a human being in front of them. The nation had even seen his transition from a singer and a pop sensation to a religious figure and had gone to love and respect him even more.

It was just not the celebrity in him that Pakistan loved it was the utmost humble human being, a social worker and someone who had dedicated his life to promote religious harmony in the society that Pakistan loved. He was just not their former pop sensation in fact he was someone who would be the first to volunteer to pick up a broom in his hands to clean the city. It was the man who would be the first person to show up when anyone including his country was in need.

The man just had no airs despite of the huge popularity, immense success, his iconic good looks and the persona he enjoyed. He was totally sans airs, loving, caring, forgiving and helping to the core. Not even once had Pakistan heard him pointing a figure at anyone, judging anyone or uttering anything disgraceful about anyone.

Yes! The only thing Pakistan had ever witnessed him doing was to forgive everyone publicly who had gone on to hurt him or attack him in any way. He practiced, preached, lived and breathed religious harmony and was against divides in the Muslims and in the society. People knew he was taking care of poor, helpless and downtrodden people but would never go on to reveal it as per the teaching of the Holy Prophet.

No doubt the man who Allah had chosen to lead an exemplary life died as a martyr too as he was on his way back from tableegh and heading to another destination for tableegh. His funeral is yet to take place as the bodies are still going through the DNA identification process but the nation is finding it difficult to accept the reality that Junaid Jamshed has departed.

Here is bidding farewell to the legend known as Junaid Jamshed knowing in our hearts that we will not be able to get over this loss anywhere soon and always miss him for the national icon he was.



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