Leadership – Managing Remote Teams


Managing remote teams can become a challenge as it lacks the physical interaction component of the management process. However, with the advent of technology teams are working with geographically dispersed members.

Though it may seem and sound difficult yet remote teams are known to work effectively and deliver optimum results once these are managed properly. In the event you are also entrusted with the task of having to manage remote team this article will provide you an insight into how to manage remote teams effectively.

Choose the Right People

Choosing the right people gains far more significance when have you to work with them remotely. Therefore, hire your team very carefully. Look out for team members who are self-motivated, reliable, good communicators, thorough professionals, meet deadlines and result oriented.

Define your Team Objectives and Purpose

So what exactly is the purpose, objective and goal of your team and what are you looking to accomplish through the team? Identify your team objectives and goals and then align the individual objectives/goals with that of your individual team member objectives/ goals.

Organize Work Plan

You will have to chalk out a work plan preferably on a weekly basis. Write a detailed plan chalking out what is expected from each and every member of the team and communicate it to the team. With a plethora of project management systems available you can chose any of these so your team members may update these and you may stay updated on all aspects.

Opt for Video Conferencing

Not everything can be communicated through e-mails, text messages etc as there is no substitute of face to face communication. Therefore, take your team on board on video conferencing. With a variety of options available for face to face communication opt for any of it. However, inform your team in advance and do this on regular intervals.

Develop a System so your Team may reach out to you for Support or Guidance

Since there is no face to face interaction every day and your team members do not get to meet you on a daily basis you need to realize that the situation itself is an impediment to the team reaching out to their leader for support. So! What can you do to overcome this situation? Develop a system through which your team members can reach out to you in a timely manner so the work may not suffer and the time is not wasted.

Offer Regular and Consistent Feedback

Offering regular and consistent feedback becomes all the more important in the scenario of the remote teams. Offering regular feedbacks allow you to point out any flaws and weaknesses in their work. Besides this will also allow you to identify any areas they need to improve in.

Reviewing their work also helps you identify the areas your team members need guidance and support in.

Create Opportunities for Team Bonding

Since team bonding is necessary for smooth working, minimizing team friction and promoting a positive environment make sure you create opportunities for team bonding.


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