Leadership – Delegation


Since leaders are entrusted with the task of seeing the bigger picture, to keep a eye on the future, competition and changing scenarios they cannot afford engaging themselves in day to day or similar other tasks.

Why Delegation is Important

  • Though managers are known to experience reluctance while delegating, it is important to know here that involving themselves in day to day and similar other tasks will only consume their time and keep them away from engaging in more productive/meaningful pursuits and business development activities.
  • Delegation instills a sense of ownership in employees and helps them unlock their true potential.
  • Delegation helps motivate employees as it gives them an opportunity to showcase their talent and prove their worth.
  • It also provides room for creativity, innovation and improvement in the organization
  • Helps build future leaders.

The Art of Delegation

·        Determine what to Delegate and Fix Responsibility

Before you delegate figure out the duties that you need to delegate. However, once you are delegating responsibility make sure that you delegate authority accordingly.

Another thing which can make delegation a success is the fixing of responsibility.

·        Identify the Right People for the Right Job

Delegation may prove to be a failure in the event you fail to recognize the right people for the right job. Therefore, make sure that you are delegating to the people who possess the skill and experience to handle the responsibility being handed over to them.

·        Accountability

Once you have delegated make sure you evolve an accountability system accordingly.

·        Follow Up

Delegation does not mean that you should exclude yourself from the situation. You have to be there as a guide, as support and in supervisory capacity. Therefore, make sure you stay in touch and carry out follow ups at regular intervals.

·        Show Appreciation

If the person has done the job well do not hesitate from showing your appreciation.


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