The Landmarks of Pakistan K2: The 2 Highest Mountain of the World


K2 is how many know Pakistan. Located on Pakistan China border the mountain is also known as the savage mountain, a name that it has gone on to earn owing to its severe weather. No doubt the mountain is usually climbed in the months of June, July and August when the weather is less severe as the mountain has a history of not being climbed in the winter season.

The mountain has an elevation of 28,253 feet which translates into 8, 612 meters. Since the mountain is located at the Pakistan China border, being the highest point of Karakoram Range, the mountain can be climbed both from the China and Pakistan side. However, as climbing the mountain is more hazardous and difficult from the China side, the mountain is usually climbed from the Pakistan side.

A Brief History of K2 Interesting Name

K2 rather has an interesting name which is quite simple too. The name K2 was given to it by the British Surveyor T.G Montgomerie who, once he noted two prominent peaks, was quick to give them the name of K1 and K2. While the K in K2 stands for Karakoram Range 2 was simply the number allotted to it.

Though the mountain later was renamed as Mount Godwin-Austen after the British surveyor and explorer Haversham Godwin-Austen it is still popularly regarded as K2.

People around the world who are mesmerized by the natural beauty of the mountains often visit Pakistan with the sole purpose of witnessing the grandeur of this mountain with their own eyes. No doubt K2 attracts tourists from around the world along with the Alpinists who are always eager to climb this mountain. Moreover, the mountain has also inspired several documentaries, movies and books.

Therefore, if you are also the one who would like to view this beautiful mountain set in one of the most beautiful mountain range of the world we suggest you hurry.


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