Knowing HIM and Being Thankful


An attitude of heart-felt praise and thanksgiving to HIM opens the door to HIS infinite love. We are surrounded by HIS blessings each moment. HIS blessings not only pour out upon us from HIS handiwork in nature but also upon us so we can live each day and do the work HE has called us to do.

We are supported by HIS hand as we seek HIS will. Our bodies are supported by HIS hand because HE directs the beating of our heart and the expansion and contraction of our lungs. We must not forget that our lives are in HIS hands. When we are reminded that HE supports our life, then we should praise HIM and thank HIM. It is in this time of praise and thanksgiving that we can come to know HIS infinite love and infinite nature.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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