Khuda Kay Liya-The Unprecedented Trend Setter Shoaib Mansoor Movie


Khuda Kay Liya released in the year 2007 was an unprecedented trend setter Pakistani movie which depicted the unfortunate changes in the lives of two brothers. While one suffers permanent brain damage at the hand of the U.S.A Government torture, his only crime being a Muslim, the other’s life is changed when he is brain washed by an extremist Muslim group. Given Shoaib Mansoor penchant for music the music in the movie is of course nothing short of spectacular and outstanding.

The movie was a trend setter in many ways and inspired many movies on the subject of how life was made miserable for many innocent Muslims in the U.S. A. following the 9/11 attacks. My name is Khan, a successful and widely discussed Indian movie, also followed the same subject.

Though Shoaib Mansoor addressed how all Muslims were perceived terrorists and were deemed a threat following 9/11 attacks it simultaneously also looked into our own weaknesses as a Muslim. Though the movie was by and large considered a success it also had its own share of controversies.

The film also featured a cameo of the acclaimed Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah who appears as Muslim Scholar (Moulana) in the movie and touches upon a few issues that widely remain un discussed in our society. Though Naseeruddin Shah managed to make an impression with his brief role, his brief cameo also ruffled a few feathers with what his character elaborated on a few controversial religious issues.

Overall the movie is a must watch owing to the thought provoking subjects it touches upon yet can be deemed a little controversial on a few subjects. However, watch it for its strong story line, its direction and its superb dialogues.


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