Key Part of CPEC Western Corridor in Turbat Inaugurated


It would not take much for a patriotic Pakistani to admit that Baluchistan has long been ignored and while Baluchistan has given Pakistan a strategic location and hosts the Gwadar Port along with supplying Pakistan with natural gas, it still remains ignored.

Though alienating Baluchistan from Pakistan and funding terrorism in the province has always been on the top of the Indian agenda it seems that Pakistan Army with its zarb-e-azb operation managed to wipe out both internally and externally financed terrorism from Pakistan.

Today, 14 of December 2016 witnessed history as Sorab-Hoshab Highway N-85 was inaugurated. The importance of this inauguration is that this highway is a part of the western route and connects the southern and northern routes.

Strategic Importance of N-85

The project was completed by FWO, Frontier Works Organization at a cost of 22 billion and entails 1,502 culverts and 16 bridges. It is important to note here that it would go onto link Gwadar Port with National Highway near Quetta, Surab along with other parts of the country.

Moreover, this road will also serve as the shortest link to Central Asian Countries along with Afghanistan and thus marks the completion of the vital North-South Road.

The completion of this can thus be termed as a significant part of the CPEC Western Corridor.


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