Keeping your Focus


There will come a time when life erupts into chaos. Each of us has a time when life seems to come apart at the seams. Some of us may live to see a time when all of life on earth is plunged into chaos.

However, we need not fear. In times of chaos, when things seem to come unraveled, we need to keep our focus. In times of chaotic happenings, we are to keep our head and our wits about us. Our ability to control our lives is of critical importance. We must, when things turn dark in life, maintain our focus and preserve our self-control.

We cannot witness or help others in HIS name if we have turned helpless and have lost control over our own life. When tough times come, we are to endure. We are not to wilt under pressure. When difficulty rages in our life, we are to humbly pray each hour, humbly go where HE leads us, and shows HIS love. Chaos comes into a person’s life and ends up being a test of faith.

Whether we pass or fail a test of faith depends upon how much we are willing to endure and how much effort we put into living a life of faith. HE does not hand us life with no pain, suffering, or adversity. When the scroll of our life is unrolled, let each of us have a record that shows we lived our life for HIM in spite of chaos, in spite of pain, in spite of mistakes, in spite of every defeat. HE is glorified not by an easy victory, but by our refusal to accept a painful defeat.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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