Karachi Literature Festival to Travel to London for its 2017 Episode



Pakistan will celebrate 70 years of freedom in August 2017 and to mark this special day KLF the Karachi Literature Festival, organized by OUP the Oxford University Press, will be held in London on 20 of May, 2017 as part of the Alchemy festival. It would be pertinent to mention here that the Alchemy festival is an annual festival which celebrates the cultural relationship between South Asia and UK.

To raise awareness about Pakistan’s culture, literature and rich history the Karachi Literature Festival plans to arrange sessions on all these topics. All aspects of the event are being planned and the organizers are busy in putting together themes, speakers, ideas, formats and genres for the upcoming event. These sessions are being planned to highlight Pakistan’s contribution to the global arts and literature.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this event is the distinguished critics, scholars, writers, artists and journalists who will participate in the event. No doubt it will be interesting to witness so many distinguished guests expressing their thoughts on a variety of topics like the geopolitical challenges facing Pakistan along with sensitive topics like gender and patriarchy in Pakistan.

However, this is not all as it will also feature performances and art exhibition. The event is indeed well planned as the selected city for the event i.e. London offers an ideal environment for the organization of this event.

Besides, it will also present a great opportunity for all Pakistani citizens residing in London to gain an insight into Pakistan’s social and cultural fronts through its arts and literature.

It seems that the organizers have also paid equal attention to the venue of the event along with its content as the venue is none other than the Southbank Centre which is a renowned arts centre of London.

Well! It seems that we are keeping our fingers crossed to witness this event in May 2017.


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