Janaan: The Pakistani Movie Based in Swat


Janaan was an eagerly awaited movie which boosted a love triangle. Armeena Rana Khan who played the female lead in the movie by now has become a familiar face in Pakistan after the release of her movie Bin Roye.

The movie generated excitement among Pakistanis owing to the fact that it was shot in Swat and promised a beautiful landscape. The eagerly awaited movie managed to meet success and perform well at the box office thus fulfilling all expectations associated with it.

A Romantic Comedy

A romantic comedy movie Janaan was never aimed at delivering a social message to the masses but rather promised to be light hearted romantic comedy. The movie revolves around Armeena Rana Khan who has come to Swat, Pakistan from Vancouver, Canada to attend her cousin wedding. As fate would have it one of her cousins falls in love with her and admits his love for her. However, Armeena does not reciprocate his feelings rather she seems to be more inclined towards her other cousin who runs a school for the unprivileged children.

However, after a sudden twist of fate things turn ugly for the cousin Armeena seems to have feelings for and it is revealed that he has been adopted into the family. However, things sort out during the course of the movie and it is Armeena who in the end confesses her love for him.

The movie is for those who are looking forward to watch a light hearted romantic movie with beautiful landscape without a serious message. Therefore, if you are the one who has taste for a light romantic movie Janaan is definitely the one for you.

Overall a worth watching movie with a good looking cast who acts well, beautiful locations and a never seen like before Pakhtun culture, Janaan is definitely a movie you should watch.



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