Interpersonal Skills – Office Politics


A lot of organizations and managers lose their valuable employees to the on-going office politics. Therefore, office politics cannot be thought of as a harmless phenomenon which is doing little to no harm to your organizational productivity or to the moral of your employees.

Office politics is recognized as a source of stress for the organizational employees and is known to have an adverse impact on the moral of the employees.

Let’s face it office politics is not a rare phenomenon to come across and many employees complain finding themselves entangled in the office politics hampering their productivity and ruining the organization atmosphere.

So what can you do to stay away from the office politics and protect yourself from being entangled in it? Let’s take a look

1)  Never Place too much Trust on a Co-Worker

Never place too much trust and never confide too much in any of your co-worker. There are many reasons why you should avoid the temptation of confiding too much in your co-worker. First of all the information may pass on without your knowledge and consent and thus land you into unwanted trouble.

Secondly, the employee you thought you could trust may not turn out to be reliable person you thought of him/her to be and may have vested interests in the on-going office politics.

2)  Minimize your Interaction with the Political Active Candidates

Of course there are certain employees who are very active in the office politics make sure that you minimize your interaction with such employees. Apart from attempting to drag you into the office politics their very biased conversation can have an adverse impact on your mind, productivity and your attempt to stay clear of the office politics.

3)  Remain Neutral and Focus on Work

If you think that you are not cut out for office politics and not smart enough to tackle it then consider remaining neutral and resist other’s efforts of dragging you into the office politics. Though office politics is likely to have an impact on your moral and productivity the best course of action is to focus on your work to stay away from it all.

4)  Don’t Pass on Gossips and News

You are sure to come across a lot of gossips and news on a daily basis and what you need to realize that some of these may have been passed onto you with the sole intention of using you as a means to pass it onto others. Therefore, resist the temptation of passing on the gossip and news you hear on a daily basis in your office.

5)  Avoid Giving Opinions and Passing Judgments

Refrain from giving opinions and passing judgments about anyone in front of any one in your workplace. Similarly, avoid taking interest in all the gossips that float in your workplace on a daily basis.

Final Thought

Office politics in a broader context can be thought of as power and authority struggles in the workplace and though some people can manipulate the situation to take advantage of the situation to further their own interest most of the employees would be better off staying away from it.


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