Interpersonal Skills – Networking


The advent of technology, growing competition, global expansion and new entrants in the market are increasing the challenges that leaders face to drive their organization to success.

In view of all this it is but inevitable for leaders to boost their interpersonal skills not only to sustain but to stay ahead of the game.

Research suggests that leaders who have better networking skills are more successful and effective than the ones who do not possess this skill. Below we will take a look into the advantages of networking and offer a few tips for successful and effective networking.

Advantage of the Networking skill for Leaders

Let’s take a look into the advantages that networking skill offers leaders.

·        Well- Informed and Connected

Leaders who are effective networkers are more informed than the ones who are not. Similarly, these leaders are also more connected and command more influence than the ones who are not.

·        Quick Decision Makers

Leaders who are successful networkers can undertake timey and quick decisions. To put in other words they are better equipped with the information to take prompt decisions.

·        Come Across More Opportunities

Leaders who are successful networkers come across more opportunities than leaders who do not engage in networking. This is because they come across more information, people, platforms and resources which offer them better exposure to opportunities.

Tips for Successful Networking

Let’s take a look into the most effective tips for networking

·        Not all Networking Platforms are the same

Leaders who engage in networking have found out that not all networking platforms are the same. Many factors contribute to the efficacy of networking platform for any given leader including their industry, their seniority level and their objectives.

·        Nurture Relationships

Meaningful networking and relationships just do not happen as these need constant nurturing. Therefore, if you have also decided to take advantage of networking be prepared to invest in your relations and dedicate time to this productive activity

·        Engage Others

Networking is not merely about socializing but about building meaningful business relations which can open door to new opportunities and relationships. Therefore, learn to engage others in a meaningful manner to obtain the desired objectives.

·        Promote yourself/Showcase your Expertise

Though it does not mean that you start bragging about yourself yet you should find or rather create opportunities to demonstrate your expertise or skills. Capitalize on your strengths and let others know how you can be of help/ serve them.

·        Be Utmost Professional

Appear professional! However, this is not merely restricted to professional appearance as you also need to make sure that your conduct is also that of a thorough professional.

·        Attend Seminars and Conferences

Attend seminars, conferences, workshops and you are sure to come across the most effective network opportunities.

·        Volunteer

Volunteering will also help you grow your network.


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