Interpersonal Skills – Interpersonal Relationship


Interpersonal relationship is defined as close, deep and strong relationship which exists between two or more people. Though you may have heard a lot about interpersonal relationships yet are not sure about what it is then below we will take a detailed look into the interpersonal relationships.

The Many Forms of Interpersonal Relationship

  • Relationship between friends
  • Relationship between colleagues
  • Relationship between husband and wife
  • Relationship between two in a romantic relationship
  • Relationship between family members
  • Relationship between mentor and mentee
  • Relationship that develops in groups for e.g. that of a student with his/her teacher and religious guru and follower.


Ingredients of an Interpersonal Relationship

There are a few essential ingredients of an interpersonal relationship.

·      Trust

People in interpersonal relationship trust each other. Though trust is an essential part of all relationships people in interpersonal relationship have trust and place faith on each other

·      Common Interests/Objectives/Goals

People in interpersonal relationship share common interest, objectives and goals.

·      Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and transparency are essential ingredients of interpersonal relationship.

Five Stages of a Relationship

Renowned psychologist George Levinger has identified 5 stages of a relationship.

·      Acquaintance

Acquaintance is defined as the first stage of the development of an interpersonal relationship as two individuals to get into a relationship need to know each other in the first place. Many places offer people an opportunity to meet including social gatherings, work places, common friends etc.

·      The Buildup Stage

This is the stage where the two individuals decide to take things a little further and start building a relationship. Anything can lead the individuals to enter into a relationship including shared interests, similar habits, shared goals and objectives, similar backgrounds etc.

·      Continuation Stage

The third stage is the continuation stage where the two individuals decide to continue the relationship

·      Deterioration

Not all relations are destined to pass through this stage i.e. the deterioration stage. While there are relations that last similarly there are also relations which deteriorate over a period of time.

In many relationships individuals resort to compromise to keep the relationship intact and going.

·      Termination Stage

Termination stage is the stage where the two individuals decide to bring an end to the relationship. However, apart from the two people deciding to part ways factors like death can also bring an end to the relationship.

Factors which have an Impact on Interpersonal Relationship

·      Communication

Communication is an integral part of all relationships and a breakdown of communication can have an adverse impact on the relationship. Therefore, one of the foremost factors that have a deep impact on the relationship is an on-going communication.

·      Compatibility

People to be in an interpersonal relationship need to be compatible. People who are not compatible can never enter in an interpersonal relationship. Compatibility means sharing similar objectives, goals and to an extent outlook of life.

Experience suggests that people who have different goals and objectives in life can seldom develop an interpersonal relationship as they cannot get along well with each other.

·      Honesty

No relationship can flourish without honesty. Therefore, keeping back anything, hiding things or lying can prevent and even sabotage an interpersonal relationship.

·      Time

You must have heard relations need time! It seems that it couldn’t have been truer. While building a relation requires time it seems that sustaining a relationship requires time too.


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