Interpersonal Skills – Dealing with difficult people


It is not rare to come across difficult people as they are everywhere in your life in your workplace, in your social circle and your family. Dealing with the difficult people can be a very stressful process as people who deal with such people report higher level of stress.

If you are also finding yourself facing a similar situation and having to deal with a difficult person below we will take a look into the top ways to deal with a difficult person.

1)  Identify Triggers

As with any other situation or person identify the triggers which leads the person to the behavior. Once you have identified the triggers try to avoid these so the situation may not escalate unnecessarily.

2)  Rather Than Expressing Try Explaining

Learn to explain rather than express if you have an issue or reservation with the person.

3)  Identify the Best Time and the Best Environment

Chances are that the said person behaves more reasonably at a particular time, in a particular mood or in a particular environment. If this is so make efforts to identify these settings and utilize these.

4)  Avoid being Reactive

Though being reactive is seldom useful and advised, it gets all the more worse in the scenario of difficult people. Avoid being reactive and attempt to stay calm once the situation gets difficult.

5)  Walk Away for a While if Nothing Else Works

If your attempt to pacify the person or cool down the situation does not work consider walking away for a while. However, make sure that you do not end up giving a wrong impression and offend the person rather be clear about your objective of calming down the situation.

6)  Avoid Interaction while you are running out of Patience yourself

There are times when you know that you are running out of patience yourself. In such situations minimize or avoid your interaction with such people or you will end up landing yourself in a mess. Similarly, consider limiting your interaction to times when you are feeling good and can demonstrate patience.

7)  Maintain a Distance

It is best to maintain a distance with difficult people and avoid needless interactions with them.

8)  Use Humor

Humor can come to your rescue when all other tactics fail to deliver. Therefore, if need arises make use of humor to diffuse the situation. However, be careful not to offend the person in your attempt to rescue the situation.

9)  Keep the Conversation Brief

Keep your conversations as brief as possible, stick to the point avoid getting into unnecessary details. Getting into details unnecessarily will only make the situation difficult for you so keep your conversations brief.

10) Avoid Getting Personal and Defensive

Do not resort to getting personal when the conversation gets difficult. Similarly, do not get on the defensive when you are conversing with such people.


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