An Insight into the Success of Ideas 2016: Arms for Peace


Ideas 2016 was inaugurated on 22 November 2016 in Karachi by the Pakistan army chief Raheel Shareef along with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef. However, only 2 days into the ninth international defense exhibition and seminar (IDEAS) 2016, held at Expo Centre Karachi, and it seems that success is already underway for Pakistan and its defense equipment production industry.

It is pertinent to mention here that IDEAS 2016 is a four days event and is being held from Nov 22- Nov 25, 2016 in Expo Centre Karachi.

Let’s take a quick look into the salient features of the IDEAS 2016.

IDEAS a Breakthrough for Pakistan Defense Capabilities

IDEAs 2016 and its astounding success can be deemed as breakthrough for defense capabilities of Pakistan.

Over 55 Countries Participating in the Event

As many as over 55 countries are participating in the event including Pakistan’s close friends China and Turkey along with countries like Ukraine, United States and many others.

418 Companies Participating in the Event

An estimated of 418 companies from 34 countries are participating in the event which includes 261 foreign and 157 Pakistani companies.

Major Portion Booked for Defense Companies of 8 Countries and Regions

According to officials a major portion of the available space at the expo centre has been reserved for defense companies from Far East, Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Russia, China and Turkey.

9 New Countries Participating in 2016 Exhibition

Owing to the successful marketing by DEPO, the defense export promotion organization, 9 new countries are participating this year in the defense exhibition. These include Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Belarus, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium and Nigeria.

Russia’s Participation in IDEAS after joint military exercises with Pakistan

However, one surprising highlight of the IDEAS is that Russia is also participating in the event. Though Russia and Pakistan have not been on the best of terms for all these years the year 2016 has witnessed a revolution in terms of Pakistan and Russia relationship. Very recently Russia and Pakistan engaged in joint military exercises taking the first step towards military collaboration.

Defense Industries Participation

90 delegations from 43 countries are attending the seminars and exhibitions including 30 high level teams which include services chief, defense secretaries and defense ministers. The participants also include diplomats from several countries, delegates, foreign exhibitors along with representatives of local companies.

The exhibition is aimed to bring together high power players of the defense industry to showcase the latest technological innovations of the defense and military field.

2 MOUs Signed on 1st Day

The first day witnessed the signing of 2 MOU (Memorandum of Association). The first of these two was signed between Pakistan Ordinance Factories with M/S New Lachaussee Belgium for procurement of Primer Filling Plant.

Meanwhile the second was signed between Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Board, Karma and Tabani Corporation in lieu of establishment of MRO facility for overhauling of TV3-117 VM engines of MI-17 helicopters.

2 Day MOUs

The second day also witnessed the signing of several MOUs. According to Minister for defense production Rana Tanveer Hussain Ukraine will provide engines for 200 Al-Khalid Tanks. Meanwhile another agreement has also been signed with Turkey for provision of Mushaq Aircrafts.

Second Drone Technology Unveiled at IDEAS 2016

Another breakthrough of IDEAS is the unveiling of the second drone technology “Arrow” by a private organization named Integrated Dynamics. Speaking at the occasion chief executive of the company was of the view that the drone is capable of monitoring and securing territories including the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The drone with its features can be termed as a revolutionary step in air surveillance.

Over 2,000 weapons System and Equipments on Display

The exhibition features over 2000 weapon systems and equipment which are a reflection of the country’s public as well as private sector participation in defense equipments.

Prominent Defense Products

The prominent defense products being showcased in the event include K8 Aircraft, JF Thunder and Al-Khalid Tank along with Fast attack craft missile boat, armored  personnel carriers, military hardware,  and other defense products.

Heavy Machine Gun PK-16 and Light-Sniper Rifle

The two prominent weapons that are catching the attention of all in the exhibition are the heavy machine gun PK-16 and light sniper rifle which were respectively inaugurated by the prime minister and army chief.

Signals at Pakistan as a High-Tech and Reliable Weapon Manufacturer and Exporter

The success of IDEAS has signaled at Pakistan emerging as a high-tech and reliable weapon manufacturer and exporter of weapons.

Arms for Peace

As always Pakistan has always maintained its arms for peace stance. Elaborating on its stance the officials said that Pakistan believes in arms for peace. He further said that the holding of the event was a proud moment for Pakistan and evident of the fact that Pakistan does not lag behind anyone when it comes to producing quality defense equipments.

Final Thought

Though the exhibition is only in its third day it seems that IDEAS has already gained a lot of success and cemented Pakistan’s position as a prominent producer of military and defense equipments.


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