Increasing and overflowing love


Most of the time, our life is about us rather than about HIM or others. When we live a self-centered life, bad things surely happen to us in the here and now. When we live our life for ourselves rather than for HIM or for others, there is no way love for HIM or love for others can increase and overflow within us.

In selfishness, many of us want our good work to cover over our sins. Too many times, we may want to be able to sin and get away with sinning by being good and righteous part of the time. Under the power and eyes of our Master, HE wants us to be totally righteous and totally devout all the time, not part of the time. No amount of good work can save us from our sin.

The only way we can be saved from our sin is by repenting of our sin and carrying our repentance to HIM. We are saved by HIS mercy, not by our good works and deeds.

Praise HIM for HE loves us so much.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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