Main points taken from interview of Dr. Azmat Majeed renowned nutritionist talked on how to increase immunity through food.

Improve your Digestion – both constipation and Diarrhea weakens the immune system of the body
1. Start or enhance the use of Yogurt to improve your digestion
2. Use of garlic and ginger (Lehsan and Adrak). Cooking diminishes their value. So it’s suggested that it should be taken in raw form.
For Garlic, cut into small pieces, leave it in the open air for a few minutes (one piece is enough for a day ) and you can gulp it with water or can be added to yogurt. (should be used continuously for a month at least)
3. Ginger Tea– Take a small ginger piece (equal to a spoon) and add it to 6 cups of water. Boil it to the point till it remains about 3 cups and drink it on daily basis.
4. Vitamin D & Vitamin A either supplemental or through food – apricots (orangish in color are the best sources. Also their seeds (4-5) provide you invaluable nutrition. The second good source available these days are mangoes.
5. Take Zinc either supplemental or through food. Nuts such as cashews, pistachio, peanuts and sea food are some of the excellent sources.
6. Clove (long) has a great nutritional value and you can add it to your ginger tea. Two pieces of cloves a day will keep your immune system up and about.
7. Olive leaves (zaitoon ke pattey) they can be used in dey form or can be boiled and used as tea has immense nutritional value.
8. Turmeric (Haldi or Kurkaman) in milk is very effective in boosting immunity (in addition it will help you lose body fat too. It can be used in milk as the fat in milk helps in its absorption.
9. Cinnamon (Dhaar cheeni ) & Mulathi at night is another booster for immunity.
10. Take a minimum 8 hours of sleep.
11. Take whole wheat and exclude fine flour (maida) sugar, polished rice, hunter or processed beef such as sausages etc. they cause inflammation and weakens the immunity system.
12. Last but not the least exercise and avoid the use of phenyl and mosquito repellents in your homes.


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