How to Impart Your Home a Spacious Look


We all prefer the spacious look in our homes and resent the stuffed look that our homes begin to exude when facing our neglect. However, considering the fact that not all of us are blessed with spacious homes most of us find ourselves facing the task of giving a spacious look to even the smallest houses possible.

1)   Let Your Floor and Walls be of light and Bright Color

The first step towards giving your home a spacious and bright look is to let your floors and walls be of light and bright color as this will help impart a spacious look and feel to even the smallest of homes.

2)   Buy Furniture in Light Shades Preferable the Color of your Walls

Similar to your walls buy your furniture in light shades too preferably the shade of your wall to let them blend it with the room.

3)   Use Mirrors to Give off Spacious Look

Mirrors can also help give a spacious look to your home. You can consider placing a large mirror or placing a few small mirrors in your home to achieve the desired look.

4)   Use Minimal Furniture

Minimal furniture is the key to give your home a spacious look. You can consider using furniture that can be folded once it is used so it may not occupy much space in your home.

5)   Striped Rugs

Use striped rugs in your room to help give your room an elongated look and feel.

6)   Keep your Windows Clean

Your windows can play a huge role in giving your home a spacious look. Therefore, keep these optimally clean and let the sunlight enter through these to lighten up your home and give it a bright and spacious look and feel.


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