Communication Skills – Humor


Today, humor is deemed an integral part of communication owing to all the benefits it offers when used artfully in communication.

The Benefits of Humor in Communication

Humor when used skillfully can

  • Put people at ease
  • Conveys your message without you having to resort to criticism, anger or frustration in your tone.
  • Helps avoid a harsh tone when you are entrusted with the task of conveying a harsh message
  • Helps diffuse any tension or hostility that exists in the environment
  • Helps break down communication barriers
  • Can be used to mask and conceal any negative feelings that may exist or arise during the communication process.

Humor in communication makes it possible to convey almost anything in a light manner without acrimony. People who can use humor to get an unpleasant message across are able to achieve their objectives without spoiling their relations and tarnishing their image or reputation.

Since humor is a language that is easily understood by most people it allows you to approach threatening subjects and enter threatening territories in a non-threatening way.

Humor can also be used to set people at ease, throw off their guards and obtain their trust. Research suggests that when humor is mixed with the communication of information or any message it enhances the efficacy of the information and the manner in which the information is received by the recipient. Moreover, humor also renders the information a more memorable one.

People are more likely to prefer communication with people who have a good sense of humor and can use it artfully in their conversation rather than people who are either too boring or may resort to anger, aggression or any such emotion in their communication.

To conclude let’s remind you what George Bernard Shaw said “If you are going to tell people the truth you would better make them laugh. Otherwise they’ll kill you.” Therefore, if you too wish to tell the truth, convey a rather unpleasant message, wish to render your communication interesting, break down communication barriers and obtain trust, make use of humor in your communication and conversation.



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