Humility and Simplicity


We cannot be humble on our own. The power of darkness wants you to puff yourself up with pride and ego.

When you willingly let HIM come into your life each day, HIS love humbles you and simplifies your wants and needs. HE loves the humble person. In humility, HE is available to you at any instant. HE is real and alive depending upon how humble and simple you are willing to be as you come before HIM. Without HIM, without HIS encouragement, without HIS guidance, without HIS presence, and without HIS inspiration in your heart and mind, you could not acquire HIS glorious humility.

You defeat the dark power of your ego when you express your love for HIM by living a humble and simple life. When you cast aside the darkness of your pride because you have invited HIM into your heart, your impact upon the world is monumental…an impact greater than selfish pride could ever produce.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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