Hope In Darkness


It is one thing to say you believe in HIM when things are going smooth. When you are reasonably healthy and all the parts of your life fit together, faith is very easy to grasp. When all the parts of our lives are fitting together and everything is humming along we don’t need much faith because we are not being tested. Hope is the fuel of life. Right to the very end of our life hope springs eternal in us.

For many people life is full of pain, suffering, agony, and worldly defeat. For other folk, they never seem to taste the bitter fruits. But no matter who you are or what your life is like you need hope. Hope is this invisible fuel we get from HIM. Hope is the fuel that keeps us going, and going, and going, like the mechanical rabbit. Hope is our vision of tomorrow.

In HIM, we find a hope that is bigger than hope. If there was ever one single attribute which has had the greatest impact upon humanity it is that HE gave mankind hope.

In HIM, and because of HIM, we can see over the edge of the horizon into an eternal life of no pain, no suffering, and no defeat. In HIM, and because of HIM we can be a winner as we face every challenge. In HIM there is no darkness and no defeat.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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