HIS Hand Of Power


It is easy to doubt HIM. It is easy to doubt HIS word. It is easy to doubt HIS promises.

After all, you cannot see HIM. Most of the time, you cannot audibly hear HIM. HE does not appear on TV or on radio. HE doesn’t publish a newsletter or write a column for one of the major newspapers.

Even when Moses was with HIM in a personal way, even when Moses was with HIM in a physical way, Moses, being human like we are human, doubted HIS hand of power. HIS hand will not come up short in your life if you live in HIS hand. HIS hand will deliver blessings to you if you remain in HIS hand and count HIS blessings.

HIS hand will deliver wisdom and truth to your heart and soul if you seek HIS wisdom and truth. The mighty hand of HIS power will work for you in your life if you work for HIM. This does not mean every moment of your life will be smooth and trouble-free. This does not mean you will never be required to sacrifice beyond measure for HIM. However, there will come a time, a last and final time, when HIS hand of power will reach down and HE will grasp your hand to lead you to HIS Promised Land…a place where you shall live in peace and joy for eternity.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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