Helping Others Climb Higher


HIS will for you is that you should be kind, caring, understanding, and sympathetic. HIS will for you is that you should also be a light carrier in the darkness for those people around you who may be groping and hurting in the dark. If all you ever do is sit with people and sympathize with them but you never help them find their way out of the darkness, you have not helped them as much as they need. If all you ever do is give others your sympathy, you can even prolong the hurt and pain of others because you did not lead them to any kind of freedom. We all need to know others care. Others need you to help them find the power to get out of their present circumstances when they are in pain or adversity.

Others need you to show them the way home. Others need you to illuminate their path enough to help them get started on their way. Others need you to encourage them and inspire them to be more than they ever thought they could ever be.

Your greatness in HIS eyes is not based upon how far above others in the world you ascend. Your greatness in HIS eyes is based upon how many people on the bottom you helped to climb higher and achieve the mission HE called them to achieve.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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