Healthy and Simple Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

Man wearing tight shirt, hands behind back, mid section, close-up

Belly fat not only increases your risk of falling prey to certain diseases but also ruins your over all looks. No doubt a toned belly is often perceived as a first sign of fit and health conscious individuals.

However, losing belly fat can be a difficult task as the fat that accumulates around our waist is often stubborn and takes longer to go away as compared to other fat deposits in the body.

Let’s take a look into the simple and healthy ways to lose belly fat and look your best.

1)   Avoid All Forms and Sources of Sugar

The first and foremost step towards reducing belly fat is to avoid all sources and forms of sugar. Whether it is sugar or refined carbohydrates or whether it is apparent or hidden sources of sugar avoid all these. If you are the one who consumes at least a few cups of tea/ coffee during the day with sugar then you can well imagine your daily sugar intake along with these beverages.

Similarly, if you are fond of sodas then it is not difficult to count your sugar intake as sodas are known to have a very significant amount of sugar content.

The commercial fruit juices available in the market are also packed with sugar and so are the energy drinks. Do you know that even the canned food you buy from market has unhealthy amount of sugar added to it especially the canned fruits along with the commercially available ketchups, salad dressing, mayonnaise etc.

2)   Cut your Refined Carbohydrate Intake

Cut your intake of refined carbohydrates including white bread, cakes, donuts, pizza, burgers etc as these are made from refined carbohydrates and are but just another form of sugar. Instead consider switching to full grain, whole wheat and bran variety.

3)   Add More Protein to your Diet

Add more protein to your diet. However, make sure that you add only the healthiest sources of protein to your diet including proteins from fish, legumes, beans, dairy products, nuts, eggs etc.

4)   Add Fiber to your Diet

Add more fiber to your diet including the vegetables, fruits and beans that are loaded with fiber. Similarly, oats are another great way to add fiber to your diet and lose belly fat.

5)   Indulge in Physical Activity

Indulge in physical activity for at least 20-30 minutes over a period of a day. You can opt for aerobics, brisk walk or other forms of exercises.


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