HE Is Keeping Us Safe


We can see the truth. We can tell the truth. We can shout the truth. We can live the truth each moment. What is this truth?

The truth is, HE and HIS love protect us if we want HIS protection. HE protects us from the devastation of living in hell for eternity if we want HIS protection. As responsible adults, HE protects us from being victims of evil here on earth if we want HIS protection. The truth is we are not beings without wills. We are beings capable of making decisions. We are beings capable of choosing between right and wrong, good and evil, HE and Satan. The truth is, when we choose HIM, when we choose right, when we choose the good, then we inherit HIS protection.

In many cases, most of the time, although it is hard to tell when we are suffering, our decision to choose right, HE, and the good, always produces good results for us. Go to any crime ridden inner city neighborhood and you can see how choosing crime brings its own terrible punishment. Go to any prison and you will see how crime does not pay. At the end of the imprisoned sinner’s life, if the imprisoned sinner has not repented, there is terrible punishment…a terrible punishment for the sinner who does not believe until it is too late.

Go to any place of worship and you can find an elderly person who lives in holy and devout faith…a person who may be suffering in the body… but a person whose spirit is winning. At the end of the elderly person’s life, there is a great and precious prize…an eternity of wonderful surprises called Heaven.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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