The Growing Indian Animosity towards Pakistan: The Heart of Asia Fiasco: Sikh Community Protest: Russia Expresses Displeasure over the Treatment Given to Pakistan


The growing animosity of India towards Pakistan since China Pakistan Economic Corridor has gone on to become a reality is but evident. There is no stopping Modi Government from taking lives and trampling the rights of minority in India including Sikhs, Christians, Muslims and the low caste Hindus.

The brutal murder of Burhan Muzaffar Wani has witnessed an upsurge in the ongoing freedom movement in Kashmir. However, that does not seem to be all as the Sikh community of India is also at unrest and are demanding a separate homeland for them.

The increasing pressure on India has let it to divert the world’s attention from its criminal human right records to maligning Pakistan. However, much to India disappointment and failure of its foreign policy India has managed to alienate its long-term ally Russia along with sabotaging its effort to alienate Iran from Pakistan despite its massive investment in chabahar port, Iran.

The result is nothing but increasing Indian frustration as it is increasingly finding itself isolated. Owing to the present Line of Control situation where Indian army is making use of heavy artillery on borders killing innocent civilians, the whole nation seemed to agree that Pakistan should not attend the Heart of Asia Conference.

However, as usual the present Pakistani Government which has vested interests in India along with their ulterior motives still sent Pakistan Prime Minister adviser on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz to India and the result was nothing short of a fiasco.

Sartaj Aziz was denied of his basic rights and was barred from talking to press and visit Golden Temple. The height of the tension could be comprehended from the fact that Pakistani high commissioner to Delhi Abdul Basit was forced to resort to scold Indian official who was attempting to stop Pakistani journalists from speaking to him. Pakistani journalists were mishandled by the Indian officials too.

In an attempt to undo the damage that the Pakistani government had done by sending Sartaj Aziz to India against the public sentiments, Sartaj Aziz once he returned to Pakistan held an emergency press conference to condemn the Indian behavior at the conference.

However, this is not all Russia, the new Pakistani ally expressed its displeasure at how things were made ugly for Pakistan at Heart of the Asia Conference. As if it was not enough to depict India’s failure the Sikh community also protested outside the venue to express the unrest among them and their demand of a separate homeland for them.


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