Going Crazy over Small Things


Some days the small things of life pile up and make you crazy. We can often handle big events, but the small things of life pile up on us and we are smothered under a mountain of trivialities gone wrong.

We all have one of “those days” when everything goes wrong at the same time. We often get buried under the small things because we do not really see the big picture of what is going in our lives or in the world. If we could see how important we are to others and to HIM, the small things would not matter as much.

When things pile up, remember people need you. People need you to reflect HIS love, kindness, care, and compassion. When the small things pile up and you are underneath the pile, remember HE can do some very humorous things just to keep you sane. When things pile up, it may be HIS way to tell you that you could be a little better off if you were just a little nutty instead of being dead serious too much of the time.

When we think we are way behind in our work, in our daily grind, or in other aspects of our life, we need to remember HE does not see progress the way we do. HE sees our ultimate destination in ways we cannot. When you are buried under a mountain of small stuff, pray that HE will show you the road ahead in a little more detail. Your soul and spirit has a definite destination. It never hurts to remind yourself of where the destination is and what the destination means for you in the here and now. We must remember when we are blind, HE can make us see. When we are deaf, HE can make us hear. When we are weak, HE can make us strong.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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