Giving In Secret


Have you ever seen a politician brag about how they have helped the needy? We have become so accustomed to hearing other people talk about how they help others we almost expect it, especially from those in public life.

HIS words about giving to the needy do not fit in with what most people want today. Most people today want the praise and recognition that comes from other people. But praise and recognition from HIM is more lasting. Giving in secret results in rewards of the heart. Giving in secret is the same thing as truly giving to HIM. Giving in secret results in our getting back more than we give. It puts us in the middle of HIS love and care.

One of the greatest challenges of our faith is to not be selfish about our relationship with HIM, but to be unselfish. When we are transformed by HIS grace we no longer want the praise and glory which comes from people, instead we want to praise and glorify HIM. One of the greatest ways we can praise and glorify HIM is to give to others and not let them or anyone else know who did the giving.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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