General Shareef Speaks at Davos


General (R) Raheel Shareef former army chief Pakistan was invited to speak at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos on “Terrorism in Digital Age”.

Our soldier was part of a panel who spoke at length about the menace of terrorism and how terrorists are making use of technology to further their agenda. Having firsthand experience of having successfully combated and defeated terrorism at Pakistan’s soil the general was indeed the only man on the panel who had practical experience of having dealt with terrorism and having emerged victorious. It is interesting to note here that throughout the conversation our soldier was referred to as “general”

Though it is no news that Raheel Shareef was among the most popular and most importantly the most loved army chief of Pakistan it is good to see that during all this time while he was revered in Pakistan his popularity and success managed to cross borders and made its way to international forums.

The outstanding feature of Raheel Shareef leadership against terrorism was his uncovering the link between terrorists, their sympathizers, logistics providers, their financiers and corruption. He brought to light the fact that terrorists were not operating in isolation and there was a whole network that was providing them every possible support to carry out their terrorists activities.

Speaking at the occasion Raheel Shareef elaborated on how countering terrorism has grown more complex owing to the digital and information technology revealing that terrorists are making use of the technology to further their reach and activities.

He also spoke about the challenges that Pakistan as a front line state against terrorism faces one of these being the complex border issues between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Speaking from his experience he suggested that once action is taken against these terrorists in Afghanistan they move to Pakistan and once action is taken against them in Pakistan they move to Afghanistan.

Pointing out to hindrances in the way of elimination of terrorism he said that the presence of Afghan refugees was another problem in Pakistan. According to Raheel Shareef the future of Afghanistan and Pakistan was interlinked as the two countries share a huge border. Raheel Shareef was of the opinion that if the world is to defeat terrorism then the countries should consider sharing intelligence reports with each other.

He also took the opportunity to suggest that Kashmir and Palestine are two burning issues where people are being oppressed and deprived of their basic human rights.

Good to see our soldier again on the forefront and hope it stays that way.


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