Gardening Tips


Gardening is a great and affordable way to add beauty to your home besides gardening also helps people stay busy and feel happy. Since the plants are known to emit oxygen they can also help make your environment healthier.

Below we will offer you the top gardening tips to make your gardening a success.

1)   Give your Plants a Good Soak Instead of sprinkling them Often

It is the roots that need to absorb water and not the plants. Therefore, sprinkling the plants is of no use as the roots will not be able to absorb water this way. Instead give the plants a good soak so their roots may be able to absorb adequate amount of water.

2)   Wide Variety of Plants

It is best to have in your garden a wide variety of plants along with the ones that stay green throughout the year. Though seasonable plants help lend beauty to your garden and are a must have in every garden make sure you do not exclusively fill up your garden with seasonal plants only.

3)   Do not Transplant on a Sunny Day

Avoid making the mistake of transplanting plants on a sunny day as warm weather is not conducive to transplantation. Instead chose a day when the soil is damp from the rain. Moreover, as soon as you transplant water the plant adequately.

4)   Repel Ants Naturally

There are many plants that can help repel ants naturally. Therefore, consider growing these at borders. Some of the ants repelling plants include peppermint, spearmint and pennyroyal.

5)   Repel Mosquitoes

Plants can attract mosquitoes even to your home. Therefore, repel them with the help of certain plants. Planting marigolds throughout the garden will help you keep mosquitoes off as mosquitoes cannot stand their smell.

6)   Vertical Gardening

If you do not have much space in your garden area, then consider giving vertical gardening a thought.


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