The Game Changer CPEC: A Success Story


Contrary to all Indian dreams of sabotaging China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the CPEC is finally not only a reality but has now entered its operational phase.

Though India had long dreamt that once it develops and goes on to emerge as super power Pakistan and other countries would be forced to depend on it for trade routes and other trade aspects. However, China Pakistan Economic Corridor seems to have changed this not only for India but for the entire region.

India once it witnessed the CPEC developing and feared that it might become a reality one day went on to develop Chahbahar along with Iran and Afghanistan. It is no secret that India did everything in its power to sabotage the CPEC including planning insurgency in Baluchistan, sending RAW agents and the most recent episodes where an Indian submarine was caught in Pakistan waters along with the Indian drone being shot down by Pakistan army.

Owing to all the open and hidden threats that Pakistan and China had and still continue to face in the developmental and now in the operational phase of the game changer CPEC, both countries have reiterated their resolve to develop CPEC stands undeterred at all costs.

However, once the CPEC turned into reality things seems to have changed fast and so have the stances. Therefore, it came as no surprise when countries like Iran and Afghanistan who joined the Indian camp to develop Chabahar to sabotage CPEC are now eager to be a part of the CPEC.

Let’s take a look into the success story of CPEC and how it has changed stances of countries like Iran and Afghanistan along with many other countries who have expressed their desire to be a part of the game changing CPEC.

Iran Desires a Role in CPEC

Though it has only been a few days since CPEC has become operational it seems that its success story has already unfolded. Though India tried its best to alienate Iran from CPEC and even went on to invest in Chahbahar, it seems that the success of CPEC has already convinced Iran to change its stance on CPEC despite of the huge Indian investment in Chahbahar.

Iran has expressed wish to be a part of the CPEC. Elaborating on Iran’s wish to be a part of CPEC, Iran official Mehdi Honardoust said that his country can help boost Pakistan’s economy through construction of railways, dams, roads along with energy supply.

Furthermore, he added that Pakistani goods like agricultural products, sports good, surgical goods, rice and Pakistani textile find popular demand in Iran.

Dispelling notions that Chabahar is meant to serve as a rival port to the Gwadar port Baluchistan he said that the Chabahar port is meant to supplement the Gwadar port.

It seems that India despite of its huge investment in Iran and its efforts to create rivalry between the two nations has failed as Iran’s Government seems more than eager to take advantage of the CPEC.

Saudia Arabia Expresses Wish to be a Part of CPEC

Saudia Arabia Pakistan’s long term ally has always been supportive of all steps taken to boost Pakistan’s economy. Sauida Arabia has also expressed wish to be a part of the CPEC and the Government of Pakistan has gone on to welcome Saudia Arabia initiative to be a part of the corridor.

Afghanistan Wishes to Benefit from CPEC

Not wishing to stay back from deriving benefits from CPEC Afghanistan too came on board to say that the country wishes a role in CPEC.  The Afghan ambassador to Pakistan Omer Zakhilwal went on to say that not only does Afghanistan supports CPEC but is also desirous of a role in it.

Speaking on the occasion he further said that CPEC was as relevant to Afghanistan as it is to Pakistan and was of the view that CPEC is not merely limited to Pakistan but is rather for the entire region particularly the Central Asia region. He said that Afghanistan people are thirsty for development and CPEC is just the platform that can help quench their thirst.

Turkey Hails CPEC and Expresses Desire to be a Part of the Game Changer

Turkey, too, has expressed wish to be a part of the game changer CPEC. Turkey’s Economic Minister Mr. Nihat Zeybekci expressed interest in China’s One Belt One Road initiative. Further, Turkish President Mr. Erdogan who recently paid a visit to Pakistan urged the business community of Turkey to invest in CPEC.

Malaysia Refers to CPEC as Gateway of Opportunities and Wants a Part in it

Malaysian High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr. Hasrul Sani Mujtaba expressed his views on CPEC referring to the development of corridor as the gateway to opportunities and said that Malaysia wants to be a part of the corridor too.

Indonesia Desires to be a part of CPEC

Indonesia, too, seems keen to jump on the CPEC bandwagon. Speaking on the occasion Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan Iwan Suyudhie termed CPEC as a game changer not only for Pakistan bur for the entire region and expressed his country’s desire to be a part of it. He said that his country would like to be a partner of CPEC.

It seems that China Pakistan Economic Corridor is indeed a game changer as it has already changed the stances of the otherwise alienated countries, helped form new allies and distanced a few.


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