Freelancing accelerates throughout Pakistan


Freelancing is increasing at an exceptional rate in Pakistan and research suggests that this growth rate is owed to the increased broadband access in Pakistan. Thanks to this increased access, Pakistan is now ranked among the top countries in the world that are successfully earning through freelancing.

The growth of freelancing in the world can be understood from the fact that by the end of 2020 1 out of 3 workers worldwide will be earning through freelancing online. Since the survey suggests that this accelerated growth of freelancing in Pakistan is owed to the increased access to broadband, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority also known as PTA in its latest report suggested that Pakistan has witnessed a remarkable increase in the freelance content writing area as more and more females are opting to work from home and thus earn a decent amount from the comfort of their home.

Pakistan in this aspect seems to be climbing at an exceptional rate and has recently gone on to be included among the top countries.

It is also worth mentioning here that Pakistan’s human capital has grown at a significant rate over the last 10 years with the resulting 16% of the younger Pakistan’s age group boosting a college degree. Today, Pakistan is ranked among the top 2 outsourcing destinations when it comes to growth value for customer feedback and money. It is equally important to mention here that the quality of the projects provided by the freelancers from Pakistan is at par with the quality provided by the top freelancer countries.

It seems that Pakistan is fast embracing the technology revolution and is making a niche in the world of tech with its talent and the day that Pakistan would become the top provider of the freelance projects is certainly not a farfetched one.


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