Flowering Of Our Mind


The power of our imagination can know no bounds. Our imagination can produce the greatest blessing for HIM or our imagination can produce the world’s greatest curse. We can imagine the very best or we can imagine the very worst of the worst. We can imagine we are incredibly strong or we can imagine we are incredibly weak.

Since our imagination is under our control we can point our imagination to the greatness of the future or to the trauma of the past. We can point our imagination to HIS light and love working in every second of our life or we can point our imagination to HIS absence in every second we are alive. What we must always do is to use the flowering of our mind for HIM, for HIS good, and for HIS work upon the earth.

When we serve HIM by using our imagination for HIS work, HE will bless us. When we use our imagination to serve HIM, HE will begin to move us from just imagining to actually turning our imaginings into reality. The reality of HIS greatness producing greatness in our life is a result of who and what we choose to think about.

The reality of greatness in your future is no accident when you plan to achieve HIS greatness and pursue HIS greatness in HIS love and in HIS humility. Amazingly, when we find we do not achieve one greatness, HE brings us even more greatness all because of the flowering of our mind for HIM.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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