Flowering Of HIS Blessings


Hold one of your little blessings up to HIM and keep your little blessing in HIS light. As you look at your little blessing in the Light of HIS love, you will find joy in your blessing you did not see before.

As you turn your little blessing held in HIS Light first to the right and then to the left, the Light of HIS love shines on every side of your blessing. Suddenly, the little blessing that started out as just one blessing, suddenly…amazingly…without reason…without a seeming cause…suddenly your one little blessing becomes two blessings, then two blessings becomes four blessings, then four blessings becomes eight blessings, then eight blessings become 16 blessings, then 16 blessings becomes 32 blessings, then 32 blessings becomes 64, and 64 becomes 128, and 128 becomes 256, and 256 becomes 512, on and on until what you see is not your little blessing but a whole new creation of joy, love, and peace…a whole new creation whose beauty lifts up your heart to Heaven.

What you find is your one little blessing started out as a seed and the seed sprouted, grew, and expanded upon itself until the full flower of all of HIS love made a beautiful flower growing and alive within you.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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