Flowering Of Happiness


He is always creating. HE is always moving. HE is always creating something from nothing to give us happiness.

When we think about it, happiness appears out of nowhere. Of course, we think there are causes and reasons for our happiness. In our life there are thoughts, images, remembrances, imaginations, and circumstances HE can use and does use to bring us happiness and joy.

Many times, happiness is the reverse of unhappiness. In that regard, happiness is often only a matter of perception. What makes one person unhappy can make another happy. Happiness flowers when we see the flower and count every petal as a blessing from HIM.

When we ignore HIM, we ignore HIS work and unhappiness is the result. When we ignore HIM, we ignore HIM in the dynamic of our life and unhappiness results.
When we get outside of ourselves by counting the petals of HIS flowering beauty made just for us, happiness comes to us in the essence of HIS love and grace.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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