Finding Peace in Chaos


We all have good reasons to be anxious, concerned, and worried about many things in life. We all have good reasons to be alarmed over many of the circumstances in our lives. However, what happens outside of us need not reach into us within our heart, mind, and soul.

You might know of a person or persons who can remain calm in any circumstance. You can become that kind of person. One of the key things to remember in any chaotic moment is that what seems to be such an alarming event at the moment is not really so alarming compared to all the events of history since the beginning of time. What seems incredibly important and alarming today, will, in time, fade away in memory.

Inner peace is most often achieved when we begin to see things as HE sees them. When we see our life as HE sees it, even the traumatic and awful times of our life can be used for HIS good and for HIS glory. We can often seem to be destroyed by events, but we must remember that no matter what events do to us, we have an incredible shield of protection around our heart and soul put in place by HIM.

In the whole scheme of eternity, when we put our life into HIS hands , HE in turn puts a shield of protection around us. When we become alarmed with what is happening in the world or what is happening in our life, we must look at HIM. As things seem to unravel in our life, although we may be deeply frightened, we need only to look to HIM to find comfort and find an end to our fears.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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