Finding Grace From Humility


When we cross the bridge from pride, ego, and selfishness to the land of humility then HE will bless us with peace and contentment not found in any earthly activity. How HE works is often a mystery. Perhaps this is why humility is so important to becoming HIS true servant , for if there was no mystery about HIM then man’s ego could get to HIM, and we would use HIM for our own selfish purposes.

We all want control and power. Few people would accept the idea that self-control and personal power could be found in humility. However, true humility is the result of taking control of your life, your ego, your wants, and your needs. If you are truly humble you submit these things to HIS call and influence upon your life. When you have true humility, it means your heart is controlled by HIM. When you have true humility, you do not pretend to be someone you are not. You have the freedom to always be just yourself, the person HE made and loves dearly. Humility produces in you a quietness and peace because you are not striving to be someone you are not. To be humble means you are controlled by HIM enough to render yourself harmless and defenseless like a child in the face of pain, adversity, suffering, and attack.

To be humble means you do not take any kind of offensive action against anyone. Humility requires that you recognize you have fallen short of HIS call upon your life to change. Humility requires that you recognize your sin, and once it is recognized that you fall on your knees before HIM in prayer. Humility is the way you can find HIS power for living…a power that opens the door to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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