The Fashion Pakistan Week Winter Festive 2016 to be a Nostalgic Journey

Models present creations by designer Ali Xeeshan during Fashion Week by the Pakistan Fashion Design Council in Lahore, Pakistan, Friday, March 11, 2016. (AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary)


If you think that fashion or fashion activities are non-existent in Pakistan then you need to think again as fashion activities are in full vogue in Pakistan owing to the upcoming Fashion Pakistan Week Winter Festive 2016.

According to the Chairperson of the Fashion Pakistan Council, the council is looking forward to celebrate its 10 years. Further, according to the chairperson, Deepak Parwani, the celebrations would be a reflection of its 10 years and would thus depict their 10 years journey. Speaking about the event he elaborated that the event would also showcase collection of the new and budding designers. With Deepak Perwani himself being a prominent designer of the Pakistani fashion scene, the council is indeed benefiting from both his talent and experience in the fashion industry.

Having successfully completed its 10 weeks, this would be the 11 fashion week of the council and therefore, sure to be a nostalgic journey for the council.  It would serve as a reminder of how the fashion has evolved during the decade and how the council has served the fashion scene during these 10 years.

The city that would host the event is none other than the city of lights Karachi. With its reputation as a platform for providing opportunity to the new talent to showcase their talent, the council is indeed serving Pakistani fashion and helping the aspiring designers to get noticed. The date announced for the event is from 30 October to 1 of November 2016 i.e. 3 days.

The council promises that the fashion week is going to be a memorable event for all and people would love to witness the evolution of fashion over the past decade. It seems that it is not only the fashion industry which is excited about the upcoming event the general public is also excited about witnessing the festivities of the event.


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