Faith for Life


Imagine what your life would be like if your only reality was based upon what you could actually see with your eyes.

For you, there would be no London , no Mount Everest, no Grand Canyon , not even a street where you live unless you were actually looking at the street. Living without faith means you only believe in what you see while you are seeing it.

Living without faith means you have doubts about what you cannot see. Living without faith means if you do not see it, it does not exist. We all have the capacity for faith. Whether we want to admit we have faith or not, we still have faith, for we cannot live without it. As part of our faith carrying ability, we all carry mental pictures in our mind. We carry mental pictures so we will recognize where we live when we come up to the front door of our residence. We carry mental pictures of where we live so we believe in what we cannot see. How much we live by faith is truly beyond our comprehension. Even the most skeptical person, has to use faith each minute…or else spend every minute trying to verify and check out what is obvious to everyone else.

We cannot see HIM. However, believing in your unseen Master is the most important activity of your life. Believing in HIM is your most important activity because believing in HIM may surely be the last thing you ever do in life.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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